Meat Option

U.S Wagyu Chuck Tender

USDA wagyu chuck tender which has the perfect combination amount of buttery fat and mouth watering red meat

Shabuya Rib Eye

Chef’s top selection of rib eye which has the least fat with more buttery taste of meat

Shabuya Special Short Rib “Triple S R”

Chef’s best choice of juicy tender boneless short rib

Jidori Chicken Breast Slices

Thinly sliced free range chicken with no fillers or additives added

Prime Top Blade

USDA prime grade of the chuck section on steer it’s juicy, well-marbled, and sliced into thin cuts

Prime Chuck Eye

USDA Prime grade chuck eye that has marvelous marble for superior taste and tenderness

Natural Pork Belly

Thinly sliced hampshire breed pork belly

Lamb Leg

Boneless lamb leg thinly sliced cut