Soup Base

Soup Base Option

Original House Soup Base

A clear broth of dried fish flake, Kombu, fresh vegetable and secret house recipe boiled up to a perfect soup base.

Pork Soup Base

A creamy rich pork broth combined with fresh vegetable broth adding dried garlic.

Sukiyaki Soup Base

Two combination of smoked vegetable broth and house made secret recipe soy sauce.

※Try with Creamy Egg Sauce

Water and dry kelp

Original Japanese style shabu shabu soup base.

Miso Soup Base

A perfect combination of both red and white miso combined with fresh vegetable broth.

Chinese Hot Pot “HuoGuo”

Chinese traditional hot pot soup base that has powerful herbal taste and spicy kick to your mouth.

Vegetarian Soup

A soup made with fresh 7 different ingredients that will full fill your taste buds for all Vegetarian!!!

*Pricing and item availability may vary by location.